Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage, also known as My AARP Medicare Advantage, is officially an AARP Medicare insurance plan that combines the Medicare Part A and Part B privileges for all the registered and eligible users.

A particular Medicare benefit plan is also known as Part C, accessible at the MyAARPMedicare Login portal. Thereby, it gives overall health insurance coverage for those buying the plans from Medicare Part A and Part B sections.

For supplementary plan data, see the “MyAARPMedicare Advantage Plans” section at Meanwhile, here are some of the details about the plans and the relevant services provided at

Coordinated Care Plans – This is a section of plans that consists of various plans. Each plan that comes into this specific category has a distinctive network of physicians to guide the patients.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans – If any user requires basic medical care for their health problem, this plan is much worthful on an immediate basis, and without a doubt, this is the most suitable plan to avail of.

POS (Point of Service Plan) – Users, if already are qualified for the HMO Plans, require more flexibility than they can add the POS with the HMO plan for most utility and relevant services.

Special Needs Plan (SNP) – The Special Needs Plan at assists users with drug coverage, care coordination, hospital transportation charges, routine vision, and even funds to get medical and dental care commodities. On the additional note, four distinct plans come under the “Special Needs Plan”.

Dual Qualified Special Needs Plan (DSP) – This MyAARPMedicare plan is most appropriate for those in the requirement of Medicare and Medicaid treatments.

Chronic Special Needs Plan (PCNC) – This plan is purposefully indicated for those with severe chronic diseases.
Institutional Plan for Special Needs (ISNP) – Individuals or patients who require special care can get their ISNP plan after acknowledging the norms at

Institutional Equivalent Plan for Special Needs (IEP) – This plan is for individuals who require to be hired and cared for in an adequate health unit.